PREORDER Remote Learning 2023

  • $35.00

This is a preorder for the 2023 Edition of Remote Learning. The set will include 1 4oz Doritos scented shaving soap and 1 4fl oz bottle of Mtn Dew scented aftershave. You will also receive a bonus gift with your order, which if I were you, I would NOT be excited about.

By purchasing you agree to use all products at LEAST one time.

Tentatively, the plan will be to order all necessary scents and materials this week and begin making everything, which would mean shipping will occur late August. I will keep everyone updated in the Tuesday New Products thread on r/wetshaving.

Feel free to purchase additional products along with this preorder, but know that all items will be shipped once Remote Learning is ready to go. 

Due to this being sold as a set, it will only be available to US customers at this time because I cannot ship the aftershave internationally. 

Please reach out to me with any questions. 



Shave Soap Ingredients:

Stearic Acid, Beef Tallow, Glycerin, Coconut Milk, Aloe Vera Liquid, Water, Potassium Hydroxide, Shea Butter, Grapeseed Oil, Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Kokum Butter, Yogurt Powder, Castor Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Fragrance/Essential Oil, Lanolin, Jojoba Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Bentonite Clay

Aftershave Ingredients:

Witch hazel, perfumers alcohol, fragrance, polysorbate 20, aloe vera juice, agave extract, algae extract, hydrolyzed wheat protein, allantoin, DL panthenol


Please discontinue use immediately if skin irritation occurs. 

Keep in mind that we cannot ship our alcohol based aftershave outside of the Untied States. Any international order containing aftershave will be fully refunded.