About Us

Summer Break Soaps is a husband (Kyle) and wife (April) team. We ended up as soap makers after deciding that soap making would be a fun hobby that we could get in to together. I (Kyle) had discovered the world of wet shaving and had become fascinated with collecting razors, brushes, soaps, and aftershaves. April on the other hand was becoming increasingly interested in cosmetics. Soap making seemed like a great middle point and would be something we could do together. We quickly became addicted to experimenting with different formulations to achieve different results. We also quickly built up enough of a soap supply to last us until the end of time. The result of all of our experimenting was some awesome products that we decided we wanted to share with other people. We truly hope that you find them as great as we do.

When we are not making soap, April and I both work in the world of education. April is an elementary school teacher, while I work with special education students at the secondary level. We are both passionate about education and helping children to reach their full potential. This is how we ended up with the name Summer Break Soaps. You will see the theme of education run through all of our current and future products. In addition to education as an inspiration, you will also likely see future products that are partially inspired by the fact that I grew up on a farm. 

Finally, and most importantly, when we aren't making soap, we spend every possible moment with our very entertaining children. 

We appreciate the fact that you are on our website and reading through this. If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to reach out to us. 

Thank you, 
Kyle & April